Ways to Get Green Card Visa!

To get a green card visa in the United States is not easy for foreign investors willing to invest. There is a visa that is specially designed for such foreign nationals to invest substantial amount and create numerous jobs. The EB5 investor visa is specially designed for such foreign national. The EB5 green card can be obtained through the immigrant investor program or EB5 investor visa.

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Nowadays many businesses offer the EB5 investor visa program. This program was started by the United States government to get investors from all over the world. This program is specially designed to create new jobs in the US. The best offer for the immigrants is that they can become legal residents of the country. This program is working at the moment as many investors from various countries have started new businesses in the US. The EB5 investor visa program is useful for all big and small companies. There are also immigrant investor visa opportunities.

Earlier there were less regional center in the US, but now there plenty of them operating almost everywhere in the country. Nowadays there are lots of demands for their services. This program has proved many people about the benefits of starting a business in the US. People understand the importance and advantages of these visa programs. The main duties of these regional centers that are approved by the government are to help the industries and companies that are suffering and deteriorating. The main advantage of the EB5 investor visa is that investors either start new companies offering huge number of jobs or join hands with industries that are struggling.

The EB5 investor visa can be utilized to obtain green card visa. It is known that if an investor runs a business for two years providing at least ten permanent jobs, he can apply for a green card visa. Most of times the green card visas are approved and the investors become permanent citizens of the United States. There are certain eligibility criteria to invest in the United States.

These immigrant investor programs help the people of other countries to become a US green card visa holder. The investor has to invest a capital of one million dollar in order to start a business. This amount is reduced to five hundred thousand dollars if the investor applies through a regional center and assurers to provide at least ten permanent jobs. The investors mainly invest and start their companies in area with huge number of unemployed people.

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